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New Patients

Welcome to Blake Chiropractic! We would love to meet you and help you with your health concern.

What to Expect


New Patient Forms

In every doctor/patient relationship, good communication is imperative. At Blake Chiropractic, we take the time to listen to you. On your initial visit, a thorough health history is taken. A complete assessment of your condition is done and we will make sure we fully answer any questions you may have. A physical examination will be performed including orthopedic and neurological testing. In addition, specific chiropractic tests are done to determine if posture, gait and muscle imbalances exist. Your condition will be addressed by considering how the entire body is functioning. This helps us determine the source of the problem — instead of focusing on just your symptoms. Depending on the severity of your condition, x-rays and other diagnostic testing may be required. After the first visit, a complete report of findings is provided, outlining the positive examination findings, your diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan. This first office visit should take approximately 30-40 minutes. New patient appointments are available Monday – Saturday during regular clinic hours. In case of an emergency after hours, appointments are also available upon request.


Spinal adjustments are the foundation of chiropractic treatment. Spinal adjustments are used successfully to treat a variety of musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders. Spinal adjustments, or manipulation, consist of applying a quick but gentle pressure to the subluxated or misaligned vertebrae in a very specific manner. As an alternative, lighter or low force techniques including activator, active release and drop piece adjustments can also be used. Generally, adjustments are not painful and provide almost immediate relief from discomfort. Many years of study and practice are necessary to require the knowledge and skill necessary to provide an effective and safe spinal adjustment. Continued research has proven that spinal adjustments are the most effective treatment in numerous conditions, including back and neck pain. The therapeutic goal of spinal adjustments is to correct and restore the structural, biomechanical and neurological abnormalities which lead to back and neck pain as well as joint and muscle discomfort and a variety of other conditions.

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